The fifth edition of The Road to Success is available only to IPLOCA members, as a benefit of membership, in the format of a smartphone/tablet application.

“The Road to Success” provides the basic knowledge necessary to improve the delivery of a pipeline construction project, i.e. cost and schedule, while reducing the environmental footprint and achieving the desired safety objectives.

Members’ access to the app

The app is available from the App Store or Google Play, and can be installed on IOS and Android tablets and smartphones (on devices running IOS 9.0 or later or running Android 5.0 or later). Simply search for the words ‘IPLOCA’ or ‘Road to Success’ and click ‘Install’. Please contact your IPLOCA Member Representative for the login details.

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Development of the Document via IPLOCA’s Novel Construction Initiative

IPLOCA originally formed the Novel Construction Initiative to examine pipeline laying efficiency and installation standards for large diameter onshore pipelines with the aim of improving the installation and to provide the pipeline stakeholders with cost reductions. As the initiative evolved it was decided to review in depth all the phases of an onshore pipeline project, analyse the elements that lead to successful projects and draw from the significant project experience of the participant companies. The main objective of this exercise was to identify the key drivers in a pipeline project and thus:

  • Improve the preparation process of pipeline projects for mitigation of risks
  • Improve the relationship between pipeline owners/investors and construction and specialized contractors
  • Improve the competitiveness of the pipeline industry through sound engineering and construction practices and innovative solutions

A wide range of companies and individuals from oil & gas investors & owners, design companies, construction contractors, suppliers and specialised subcontractors continue to collaborate in a series of technical meetings and discussions to produce a “live” document intended for wide use in the pipeline Industry.

Future Development

We welcome and encourage all support in furthering this collaborative industry initiative. To participate in the development of the publication, please contact