The Board of Directors may from time to time appoint committees to assist in the running of the affairs of the association.

Where possible, a Board Director chairs each committee and members of the committee are drawn from the total membership. All decisions taken by the committees are subject to the approval of the Board. For further details on the leadership and work of each committee, please click on the links below.


IPLOCA currently has the following committees:

Health, Safety and the Environment

The IPLOCA ideal focuses on three main aspects: Health, Safety and the Environment. Within these main areas are many elements which the IPLOCA HSE Committee…

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Developing the science and practice of construction of on- and off-shore pipelines is key to IPLOCA’s objectives. The incorporation of innovations to improve the process…

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Energy Transition

The purpose of the Energy Transition Committee is to develop and share best practices in the safe use and deployment of hydrogen and associated technologies…

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Membership & Communication

To promote membership expansion by stimulating the participation of all members and stakeholders in the onshore and offshore Pipeline Industry, making recommendations to the Board…

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IPLOCA currently has the following programmes:

Convention & Board Meeting Location

To assist the Board with advance selection of Convention & Board locations along with General Communication.

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Scholarship Programme

To assist children and grandchildren of employees of Regular or Associate Members of IPLOCA by providing financial assistance in order to continue their education in…

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