With around 250 member companies from all corners of the world, including major international onshore and offshore contractors and their significant subcontractors, IPLOCA embraces every discipline associated with the pipeline industry both on and offshore.

The Association strives to work collaboratively and promote cooperative relationships among members of the Association as well as with other contractors, owners and operators.

To apply for membership, you may download the relevant forms and information on the Join Now page. For further information, please contact the Membership Manager, Eszter Czirjak.

Membership Categories

Regular Members

Regular Members are organised into eight geographic regions for voting and representative purposes. Geographic regions Regular Members belong to one of the following geographic regions:…

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Associate Members

Associate Members provide vital services, equipment, materials, tools or supplies for the construction, rehabilitation and/or maintenance of pipelines and their associated facilities, onshore and offshore.

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Corresponding Members

Since its inception in 1966, IPLOCA has been a recognised voice of the pipeline industry and continues as such today. A vital part of being…

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Academic Members

Academic Members include universities and research institutions whose activities encompass research and/or the study of pipes, materials, tools, supplies, welding, coating, testing and modus operandi…

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Honorary Members

Honorary Members are individuals who have performed distinguished services to the onshore and offshore pipeline industry and/or to the association. IPLOCA’s Honorary Members include:…

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