The association’s objectives are as follows:

Objective 1

to promote, foster and develop the science and practice of constructing onshore and offshore pipelines, and associated process engineering facilities.

Objective 2

to make membership of the Association a reasonable assurance of the skill, integrity, performance, and good faith of its members, and more generally to promote good faith and professional ethics in the industry.

Objective 3

to maintain the standards of the contracting business for onshore and offshore pipelines and associated process engineering facilities at the highest professional level.

Objective 4

to promote safety and to develop methods for the reduction and elimination of accidents and injuries to contractor’s employees in the industry, and all those engaged in, or affected by, operations and work.

Objective 5

to promote measures and practices for the protection of the environment and contribute to social, cultural and environmental development programmes in Switzerland and wherever the membership of the Association is active.

Objective 6

to promote good and co-operative relationships amongst the membership of the Association as well as between the membership and other non-member contractors, owners, operators, statutory and other organisations and the general public.

Objective 7

to encourage efficiency amongst the members of the Association and their employees.

Objective 8

to put an end to any injurious, discriminatory or unfair business practices which may be conducted by or against the members of the Association.

Objective 9

to promote competition in the interests of a market economy based on liberal principles in Switzerland and wherever the membership of the Association is active, and in doing so, to comply with the Federal Act on Cartels and other restraints of Competition (Cartel Act, Cart A) 6 October 1995 of the Swiss Laws and with those of any other country or group of countries which are applicable to the different member categories.

Objective 10

to maintain and develop good relations with our Sister Associations as well as Associations allied to our industry and to play a leading role in the World Federation of Pipeline Industry Associations.