The 2021 IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by BP was presented in 2022 during the Annual Convention held in Prague, Czech Republic. The award is given in recognition of a significant achievement in the development of new pipeline technologies.

If you are interested in any specific submission, please contact Sébastien Goetschmann.


Max Streicher

The committee decided to present the award to Max Streicher GmbH in recognition of their Fully Electrical Horizontal Drilling Rig. The Adjudication Committee selected this entry because it is the technology with the highest level of sustainability and it is efficient, intuitive and a modern operation concept.

Runner up

Sicim S.p.A.

In recognition of its members' commitment to new technologies IPLOCA also named one runner-up. Sicim S.p.A., for their Airborne and Self-Assembly Excavator.

Other entries

Here are the other candidate companies and the project they have presented for the award.

IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2021 IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by BP, for their commitment in this field. We encourage continuing efforts and applications for future New Technologies Award.