Information on hydrogen and associated technologies such as carbon capture and storage for Europe.

Policy & Standards

Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology

The world needs to capture, use, and store gigatons of CO2: Where and how?

Hydrogen Fuel: Background, Applications, and Challenges

Hydrogen in Aviation 

Technologies & materials

Research & Development

Étude exploratoire sur le potentiel du Power-to-X (hydrogène vert) pour l’Algérie

Hydrogen 2022 post-event report: tracking progress towards a clean hydrogen economy

Energy Transition Outlook Europe: A View from the Transition Leaders

Clean Ammonia in the Future Energy System

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Net Zero

International Green Hydrogen Report 2023

RWE and badenova to build green hydrogen nucleus on Upper Rhine

Government & Policy

Fortschreibung der Nationalen Wasserstoffstrategie

National Hydrogen Strategy from the German Government in 2023

Green Hydrogen Industrial Clusters Guidelines