The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic are having an immeasurable impact on economic activity around the world, including the global pipeline industry.

We have produced this COVID-19 Repository for IPLOCA members and all stakeholders that contains protocols and guidelines on safety measures for the many practical issues that have arisen as a result of lockdowns and travel restrictions. The repository includes links to additional information on suppliers of ancillary services.

This dedicated webpage contains feedback from our members, allied institutions and other associations, on some of the current practices addressing these problems, in order to optimise their activities whilst keeping the workforce safe and protected in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Board wishes to ensure that relevant information is accessible to our members and non-members alike. The webpage is regularly updated by the IPLOCA Secretariat as the situation evolves.

I would like to thank our members who are sharing information on their construction activities under the present circumstances, which enables us to share these details with the industry.

I encourage all members to actively contribute to this important new repository so that together we can overcome this threat and all emerge from the pandemic stronger and better equipped to face the many new challenges and opportunities of the future.

With best regards,

Iosif Panchak
IPLOCA President 2019-2020