The IPLOCA Members Technology Platform is now available for all our members to promote their technologies and capabilities!

This online platform modernises the way IPLOCA helps to connect the innovative technologies of IPLOCA members to potential clients, and also facilitates knowledge sharing between members.

Benefits of joining

The benefits of being listed on the platform are the following:

  • It allows members to maximise awareness of their new technologies or capabilities and increase visibility to potential clients
  • It enhances knowledge sharing among IPLOCA members
  • It provides opportunities to interact and collaborate with qualified technology leaders
  • It facilitates synergies between the technologies and clients

IPLOCA members can list their technologies and capabilities FREE of charge and, when deployed, they will be visible to all users of the IPLOCA Members Technology Platform, and the users of the global Technology Catalogue.

Each page provides a description of the technology, with all the relevant technical specifications, as well as a range of images and videos. We have already received more than 25 technology descriptions and the number of IPLOCA members that have registered is constantly increasing.

For questions regarding a technology or a capability, users can contact the technology leaders directly by sending them a message via their profile page.

How to register your technology?

The process of registering your company’s technology on the IPLOCA Platform is very easy.

Go to and click on the “Sign up for a free account” button in the top right corner. Then fill in the resulting form and login using you new username and password. After logging in, please click on the “Add your technology” button in the top right corner.

You will then be asked to complete your personal and company details and enter information about your technology. Since it is free you do not have to select any payment method. Once you have finished entering the information, click on the “Request Now” button. The Technology Catalogue team will receive a notification and will be in contact with you in order to start drafting your company’s page. When this draft has been approved, it will be published on the IPLOCA Technology Platform and in the global Technology Catalogue:

If you have any questions about the IPLOCA Members Technology Platform please contact Grégoire de Montmollin.