This webinar discussed how last year saw the re-emergence of energy security and affordability as key trends in the so-called ‘energy trilemma’, joining the sustainability theme that has dominated the future energy mix conversation for some time. And while disruptions in Russian gas transit pipelines were part of the problem, for much of the rest of the world, there was a realisation that pipelines have a key role in delivering oil and gas securely and economically.

As such, a raft of projects globally made progress—some in terms of completion or continuing work, but many more moving to or towards FID or receiving renewed impetus to break down previous obstacles to their realisation. These projects set the scene for several years of exciting times for the sector, and GEI will review the changes in its database through 2022 to paint a picture of how the world’s oil and gas pipelines can be expected to evolve as we move into the mid-2020s.

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If you were unable to participate in this webinar, the recording can be viewed below.