The HSE & CSR workshop took place in Munich, Germany on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 in conjunction with the Novel Construction Fall Session on 25 & 26 October.

Theme:  Improving Corporate Safety Memory

Latest learnings on how organizations can ‘learn’ from past incidents/event and how companies can improve their safety culture and reduce SIF events were discussed during the seminar.

Click here to review the agenda of the meeting.

The workshop was led by Diana Anghel from Caterpillar Safety Services, Fred Sherratt from the Construction Safety Research Alliance (CSRA) and Logan Perry from the University of Nebraska.  Attendees separated into breakout rooms to work with the following questions:

1. How can we better determine what good risk perception looks like?
2. What work tasks could we reorganise to enable direct controls for the most common STKY hazards?
3. How can we improve safety in cross-cultural / multicultural work environments?
4. In what ways are we learning (organisationally) about safety and how can we improve?

Answers to these questions can be viewed here.

To go further, we invite you to visit CSRA webiste for its large amount of materials on safety.

IPLOCA would like to thank Benet Chan and Kevin Parker for their help in organising the event as well as the members of the HSE & CSR Committee who sponsored this event: