Techfem & the TAP Pre-commissioning Project

TECHFEM SpA was founded in 1984 by a group of professionals and managers from Snamprogetti SpA.

The founders were very focused on the study of ad hoc engineering solutions to plant and production problems encountered by customers. Passion for research and development has laid the foundations for a company philosophy oriented towards the customer and technological innovation.

Today Techfem is an independent engineering and construction services company, with offices throughout Italy and operating foreign companies.

The particular aptitude for solving complex engineering problems and technological innovation makes Techfem an engineering and consulting company in various areas of the oil & gas sector from upstream to midstream and also in downstream.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline, also known as TAP, is a gas pipeline transmission system of approximately 900 km in length, connecting the Greek-Turkish border and Italy across Greece and Albania, to provide transportation of natural gas from the Caspian sea.

The infrastructure features a 36” diameter pipeline in the offshore and Italian sections and a 48” diameter in the onshore sections in Greece and Albania.

Techfem team executed the pre-commissioning operations of the 105 km offshore pipeline link from Albania to Italy, with a maximum depth of 810 m.

In addition to the classic Pre-commissioning operations, the team faced complex environmental issues, involving anything from the collection and management of rainwater to air and noise pollution.

Luigi Eusebi, Pre-commissioning Project Manager, Techfem SpA will share with IPLOCA members some of the complexities encountered and the solutions found during this project.

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