Presentations will be given by the following speakers at the Open General Meetings on Thursday, 22 and Friday 23, September 2022. 

Global Pipeline Construction Outlook
Andy McDowell, 
Vice President & Publisher, Pipeline & Gas Journal

This presentation will be a general overview of the past year and a forecast on what to expect in the next couple years based on PGJ’s internal analysis and outside analysts’ reports.  It will include specific regional breakouts such as North America, South and Central America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Russia and CIS, Middle East, Western Europe/EU.  The main data points consist of miles of pipeline under construction and pipeline miles planned for each region and will draw comparisons with the previous year.

Challenges and Opportunities for Hydrogen Transportation in Existing Pipeline Systems
Paolo Farinelli, 
Manager of Engineering/R&D, Techfem S.p.A.

Hydrogen is going to have a main role in the energy transition and will have an impact on existing pipeline infrastructure that will be a challenge and an opportunity for the whole oil & gas sector. This presentation will discuss the current regulatory framework for hydrogen transportation, the effects on the strength of materials and reliability of fittings and equipment as well as specific safety and environmental issues for this new medium (e.g. ATEX, safety distances, etc.) and the different consequences in case of release.

Advancing Sustainability and Safety
Perry Redman, 
Manager Corporate Accounts, Caterpillar Inc.

Safety is paramount to the work Caterpillar does and the work its customers perform every day on- and off-shore, while working in a sustainable manner critical to its communities.  As the world’s largest manufacturer of equipment and horsepower, Caterpillar remains focused on producing the best solutions for its customers and communities.  Learn about the path a Fortune 100 company took to drive changes in culture, to hold itself accountable for sustainability and safety, from design, to build, to the job site and ultimately, being named to the Dow Jones Sustainability indices for 19 years.

A.Hak Groep B.V. Enters the Guinness Book of World Records
Wilko Koop, 
Director, A.Hak Groep B.V.

Wilko Koop will provide insight on how the successful delivery of the Feeder 9 pipeline replacement under the River Humber in the UK achieved a world record. Through innovative engineering solutions, A.Hak and partners replaced nearly 5 km of a 1,050 mm diameter concrete weight coated pipeline. This is now the longest pipeline in the world that sits within a tunnel.

New Fuels and Future Changes to Pipeline Networks
Katrina Cooper, 
Director, RSK Environment Ltd.

Katrina will look at the future repurposing of existing pipelines to accommodate different fuels including: the drivers for change such as the Sustainable Development Goals, climate commitments, lender Environmental and Social Governance requirements and stakeholders; Hydrogen projects; Carbon capture and storage and more broadly, what does sustainability mean and how can IPLOCA member companies make a difference?

CO2 Emisssion Reduction
Robert Wortelboer, 
Associate Partner Climate Change & Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

The world of emission/non-financial reporting is changing rapidly. How should your company/sector prepare to be ready for the future? In the session some background will be presented about the upcoming changes. In the second part of the session, the key challenges will be presented. Not only on company-level, but also on sector level as value-chain information becomes more and more important.

Dreamcutter Technology: a Sustainable Solution of Underground Infrastructure
Leonhard Weixler, Executive Director Business Unit – Maritime Technologies, BAUER Maschinen GmbH

Joint presentation:

In a quest to provide innovative solutions to facilitate subterranean construction in densely populated areas, the WallslotRobot was developed in 2014. Building further upon this initial creation that is capable of constructing subterranean walls above the groundwater table, it was decided there must be a way to do this under the groundwater table. Denys then entered into strategic cooperation with Bauer Maschinen GmbH, resulting in the first machine called Dreamcutter technology which will change innercity building forever.