Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)

About Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) owns and operates infrastructures that deliver gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses. They also deliver gas that supports the Australian economy – for power generators, mines and manufactures.

With a large portfolio of companies across Australia, the combined distribution, transmission and storage assets make AGIG one of the largest gas infrastructure businesses in Australia.

AGIG has gas distribution networks dating back almost 150 years, and today includes the operations of the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP), Australian Gas Networks (AGN) and Multinet Gas Networks (MGN).

Together, they deliver for customers across the gas supply chain – with over 34,000km of distribution networks, more than 5,500km of transmission pipelines and 57 petajoules of storage capacity. AGIG employs approximately 315 employees across Australia and has more than 1,600 contractors operating nationwide.

AGIG is committed to ensuring remote power customers are delivered the lowest cost of energy. This is achieved through combining renewables, batteries and potentially hydrogen with traditional fuel sources and providing better carbon outcomes.