Berg Pipe Panama City Corp.

About Berg Pipe Panama City Corp.

Production and marketing of SAW longitudinally and helically welded large-diameter steel pipe.

Outside diameter: 508 mm-1,524 mm (20”-60”) SAWL pipes and 610 mm-1,422 mm (24”-56”) SAWH pipes; Wall thickness: 7.0-50 mm (0.276”-2.000”) SAWL pipes and 8.0 - 20 mm (0.315”-0.787”) SAWH pipes; in pipe lengths of up to 18.3 resp. 24.4 m. Grades X-80 and above. Pipes for oil-, gas and water pipelines, onshore and offshore. Sour and non-sour services. Also for other applications as structural pipes, large-diameter pipes for optimising pipelines, etc.