Construction and assembly of onshore and offshore pipelines (oil, gas, and products).

Slurry pipelines, Water-Mains, Flow lines, Plant Cosntruction (Oil and Gas), power generation and distribution, HDD river and shore approaches, hydrostatic test, pipeline inspection, dewatering, drying and commissioning; river, lakes and channel crossings by means of river bed excavation and non destructive method - directional drilling; roads, highways, and railroads crossings; pipeline rehabilitation works; Cathodic Protection; Civil Construction works; Right-Of-Way protection works and slopes stabilization, pipeline markers and signs.

Construction and assembly of pipelines for Reel-lay, S-lay e J-lay; Electromechanical assembly and maintenance at the Production Platforms; Support to the maintenance of the Lay Barge BGL. Spreads for all diameters.