PipeSak Incorporated

About PipeSak Incorporated

For over 20 years, PipeSak Pipeline Products & Engineering Services has been offering innovative solutions to keep your pipeline protected, while saving you money. Our three products provide you with superior support from every angle.

PipeSak® Geotextile Weights: PipeSak, the original geotextile pipeline weight, is made from ASTM tested, geotextile rated fabrics — with a 4X overall factor of safety. PipeSaks spread the fabric load using a multi-compartment design that is safer and longer-lasting than the one or two compartment design used by other fabric weights. PipeSaks are delivered empty, therefore reducing transportation costs, and can be filled at a nearby filling site by a trained PipeSak filling crew and shipped directly to your location.

PipePillo® Structured Pillows: The engineered PipePillo is designed to serve as an in-trench support to permanently suspend the pipeline 6" to 8" above a rocky trench bottom, effectively replacing foam pillows, sandbags, and pad dirt. PipePillos can also be used adjacent to the trench replacing wooden skids as stackable pipeline supports for stringing and welding, or as a base for pipeline storage.

PipeJacket® Rock Shield: As lateral and longitudinal movements occur, the pipeline and its protective coating are at risk of being damaged by rocks and other hard objects. PipeSak offers a wide range of PipeJacket rock shield sizes to protect any pipeline from this risk. PipeJacket also protects the pipeline during backfilling, when direct impacts from hard objects are a threat to pipeline coating