About SPMR

Founded in the 1960s, the Mediterranean-Rhône pipeline company, known as SPMR, operates a network of pipelines backed by refineries and importation terminals on the Mediterranean coast and by the Lyon-Feyzin refinery.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, it provides road and aviation fuel and heating fluids to the depots in the southeast of France and the region of Geneva through its connection to a Swiss pipeline, covering nearly 75% of the demand from these regions.

Over the past two decades, the main developments that have impacted SPMR’s business sector have focused on increasing the requirements for the safety of transport pipelines, the quality of road fuels under the European Union Auto Oil programme, and the new conditions of network operation offered by digitalization. SPMR has successfully overcome these challenges to offer its customers a massive mode of transport widely appreciated for its high level of reliability.

The current unflattering image of the petroleum products transported by SPMR does not hinder the company’s desire to be an actor in the energy transition. Firstly, it aims to reduce its energy needs by optimizing operating conditions and by using renewable energies. Secondly, the company is open to the transportation of green products. However, SPMR is convinced that liquid fuels of fossil origin or emerging sectors will still dominate the mobility sector over the next decade.