About TGN

TGN is regional operator of ducts and reliable solution provider for the devolopment of energy projects.

Responsible for transporting 40% of the injected gas on trunk pipelines in the Argentina, this represents 20% of the country’s energy grid. TGN operates and maintains 11,000 km of gas pipelines with 21 compressor plants and is the only operator that connects the gas pipelines with Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay.

Solutions and Services for the Industry:
- Operation and maintenance of transport gas pipelines.
- Operation and maintenance of compressor stations.
- Integrity
- Engineering
- Pipeline connections and hot-taps
- Pipeline works management
- Safety and environment
- SCADA and communications
- Community
- Consulting
- Training
- Damage prevention
- Operation and maintenance of gatherin pipelines
- Operation and maintenance of oil pipelines
- Special projects