TIB Chemicals AG

About TIB Chemicals AG

The Business UNIT "Coating Systems" manufactures and markets PROTEGOL(R) corrosion protection systems based on 2 component liquid epoxies and polyurethanes for the oil, gas and water industry.

Factory/shop applied coatings for valves, bends, fittings,elbows and online coating in the pipe mill. On-site application in the field, new constructions such as compressor stations, rehabilitation of pipelines or coating of field joints; Armor coats for HDD sections and piling pipes; as well as coatings for LPG tanks and storage tanks. Supply of high performance innovative systems,for internal and external protection, offering custom-made solutions. Corrosion protection systems for steel and ductile iron structures in the oil and gas industry as well as for potable water pipelines. Application Technologies: 2 component airless hotspray equipment or by air-assisted cartridge systems.