Corresponding Members are oil & gas onshore and offshore owners and/or operators of pipeline systems and associated facilities, who have an interest in the work of the association. There is no membership fee associated with this category of membership.

Corresponding Members currently have access to:

Networking opportunities with contractors & suppliers at our

  • Annual Convention
  • Regional Meetings
  • Health & Safety Workshops
  • Novel Construction Initiative plenary sessions and group work

Promotional opportunities & sources of information

  • IPLOCA Yearbook and quarterly IPLOCA Newsletter
  • Optional, complimentary listing in the IPLOCA Yearbook – print, web and mobile
  • Advertising in the IPLOCA Newsletter (may be subject to a charge)
  • Promotion of projects in member news section of the Newsletter
  • Opportunities to present projects & their status of development at the IPLOCA Convention & Regional Meetings
  • Articles in industry publications through IPLOCA Media Partners
  • Sponsorship at the IPLOCA Annual Convention
  • Use of the IPLOCA logo on website & marketing materials
  • Publications and initiatives to increase standards

Annual Health, Safety and Environmental Statistics Report of members’ activities

  • Health & Safety Shared Experiences platform
  • Participation in Health & Safety Workshops
  • Sharing knowledge of new technologies materials, processes and projects within the pipeline construction industry
  • The Road to Success reference manual on delivering pipeline construction projects o Safety training materials
  • Research projects co-funded with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI)