It has become a tradition for the IPLOCA President to receive a drawing or painting specially made for him by CRC-Evans and presented at their long-established luncheon held at the annual IPLOCA Convention.

On the occasion of IPLOCA’s 50th anniversary, it was decided to honour the commitment, energy and dedication of its past presidents and all past members of the board by collating these to produce this anniversary book.

The key people behind this initiative are Gus Meijer, retired Vice President for CRC-Evans, and his artist friends Ronald Damen and Jan Ernst Douma. During the time that Gus was responsible for organising the CRC-Evans luncheon at the conventions, he and Ronald came up with the idea of producing drawings for each president to commemorate their presidency. These paintings were first started in 1983, and Jan Ernst took over the creation of the drawings from 1990 until the present time.

The names of the Board members and their significant decisions made during their tenure have been added, to recognise their work and to demonstrate the evolution of the association over time. Sincere thanks also go to the Executive Secretaries and the IPLOCA Secretariat for their work during these years and for writing and archiving the minutes in an orderly manner.

Specifically for this book, Jan Ernst Douma also produced additional drawings for the early years of IPLOCA when no paintings had actually been presented.

50th Anniversary Book

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