What if an excavator operator could stand next to your foreman and see what he sees?

What if you could remove the operator from the work site?

What if you could remove the operator completely from the country?

Cat Command can do this.

Cat Command is a remote-control option that contributes to jobsite safety by allowing operators to run a bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader or compactor remotely in hazardous pipeline, construction and earthmoving applications.

Command allows an operator to control the equipment as either Line-of-Sight up to 400 meters away, or Remote Operation using a remote station with familiar seat/controls and computer screens for visibility.  Both options include deep integration into the machine systems for precise performance.

Alan Pumklin, Cat Command Specialist, Autonomy and Automation Construction Digital & Technology at Caterpillar Inc. and Perry Redman, Manager, Corporate Pipeline Accounts at Caterpillar Global Pipeline presented this technology and its application in international pipeline construction.

Should you have any questions, you can reach Alan Pumklin at Pumklin_Alan_J@cat.com

To see the PowerPoint presentation click on this link