Developing Safety to Improve Safety Performance

This year the usual HSE workshop was replaced by a Safety Leadership Training Session conducted by Nicolas Brocherieux, Account Manager & Senior Consultant at DuPont Sustainable Solutions, a partner of choice to improve the safety, productivity, and sustainability of organizations around the world.

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During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to share their safety leadership practices and experiences, reinforce their safety leadership capabilities and commitments to prevent incidents & injuries and learn how to drive continuous safety culture improvements in their organization that will lead to improving sustainable safety & business practices.

To achieve the expected business outcomes of zero incidents and zero injuries, DuPont Sustainable Solutions applies an integrated approach that addresses all the elements of an Operational Risk Management System including the safety culture excellence elements impacting the Mindsets & Behaviour, to drive cultural change and achieve safety performance.

Leaders had to have a clear safety vision and ambition based on the DuPont “Bradley curve” safety culture model, demonstrate their commitments to work safely, define clear goals & objectives to reach the goal of zero injuries, define clear safety standards & expectations to be applied consistently across all the organisations.

This workshop was intended for CEOs, Managing Directors, Executives and HSE Managers.

IPLOCA would like to thank the members of the HSE & CSR Committee who have sponsored this event: