Due to the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic which is still spreading around the world, the Novel Construction Spring Session that was due to take place at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Athens, Greece on Wednesday and Thursday, 14-15 April 2021 has been replaced by an online session on the same dates. Please note: Athens will be retained as the venue for the Fall Novel Construction Session, which will be held from 27 to 28 October 2021.


Due to the different time zones, the agenda for the meeting on Wednesday has started at 14:00 CEST in the afternoon and has included presentations on the innovative developments.

The following day, all working groups connected during the afternoon from 14:00 to 15:00 CEST to discuss how to further develop the content of The Road to Success mobile application. Group presentations were then given from 15:00 CEST.

Click here to review the agenda of the meeting.


After a short introduction on IPLOCA by Innovation Coordinator, Grégoire de Montmollin, the agenda included several presentations online and in person on new technologies in the industry from knowledgeable speakers. The presentations subjects were the following:

Enhanced Practices for Building Strain Tolerant Pipelines
Steve Rapp & Russell Scoles, PRCI
PE-Pipelines – Improvement of Productivity and Safety using Mobile VFT Welding Machines
Sebastian Schwarzer, Vietz
Goriziane E&C’s Pipe Facing Machine “60-88”
Massimiliano Daita, Goriziane S.p.A.
Sustainability and Circular Economy Strategy
Dr. Samir Thabit, CCC
By Practitioners for Practice
Boris Böhm & Markus Weiss, Max Streicher GmbH


Group work sessions were held online during the afternoon.

After the group work sessions, the different groups presented online the results of their discussions.

Presentation on Innovative Developments

All the presentations and group work have taken place via Zoom video and audio conference.

Working Groups

The current Novel Construction working groups and leaders can be found here