IPLOCA Europe Eastern Regional Meeting

Regional Meetings are organised biennially in each IPLOCA region.

The regional approach allows participants to engage at the local level and discuss common issues and concerns, fulfilling the following purposes:

  • To give members a chance to express their ideas/needs for IPLOCA
  • To meet and discuss common challenges
  • To provide an update on IPLOCA’s objectives
  • To review new technologies
  • To capitalise on success stories
  • To review and discuss issues affecting the industry

The IPLOCA Board of Directors is considering holding upcoming Regional Meetings online, enabling members and local companies to connect and discuss common objectives and upcoming projects. This would provide continuity until global pandemic travel restrictions are lifted. If you would like to host a Regional Meeting or have any suggestions or ideas you would like to share with IPLOCA, send an email to jacqueline.tempel@iploca.com.