Invited by Regular Member DenysGert Pauwels  Account Manager milieubeleid and Jan Parys CEO of Antea Belgium NV presented the challenges and solutions found when working in the pipeline industry and complying with the restrictions on nitrogen emissions, in Belgium.

Nitrogen dioxide has a negative impact on human health as it damages the respiratory tract. It also harms the environment by contributing to the formation of ozone, secondary particles and acidification.

Improving air quality is one of the Belgium government’s on-going main objectives. The good news is that the air is becoming cleaner now that NO2 is permanently monitored at various sites throughout Belgium. Since 2000, particulate matter emissions have fallen by more than 25% and nitrogen emissions have halved. Belgium was one of the first countries to be ready to start monitoring nitrogen emissions from ships in the North Sea according to restrictions applying as from 1 January 2021.

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The image is courtesy of the Flemish Government, Department of Nature and Forestry (ANB)