IPLOCA Associate Member, ILF Consulting Engineers is currently involved in the design of several gas pipelines in Europe. The ongoing European developments related to the generation of hydrogen by wind power and solar energy, as well as its transportation when mixed with natural gas, is having a major impact on existing pipelines.

In this respect ILF Consulting Engineers, has been commissioned to do an assessment to evaluate to what degree such modifications are needed when transporting hydrogen mixed with natural gas into the existing pipeline grid. A study was therefore carried out on the transportation of different densities of hydrogen with natural gas and the:

  • Impact it has on the existing permit documentation
  • The impact related to the overall pipeline network when taking the existing pipeline infrastructure interconnections into consideration
  • A review of the current technical project documentation concerning the suitability of a percentage of hydrogen mixed into the gas that is currently being transported.
  • An assessment of the impact of costs and time on the project.

In a second phase, the concept that Natural Gas should be 100% exchanged for hydrogen is being considered. For this approach, a specific “Basis of Design” has now been developed for pure hydrogen. This “Basis of Design” covers all aspects of the design of a gas pipeline, i.e., flow scenarios, venting and first fill considerations, materials used, station design, hazardous areas and much more. As a result, a “Gap Analysis” between this new “Basis of Design” for a hydrogen pipeline, and the documentation for an existing project was carried out, and the resulting conclusions were drawn.

The study defines which technical modifications will have to be done in the future, and whether an existing pipeline, originally designed for natural gas, has to be changed into a 100% H2 compatible pipeline.

Dr. York Schorling, Manager Oil & Gas, EPC Projects at ILF Engineers Consulting has presented ‘the transportation of hydrogen in gas pipeline projects in Europe’.

As requested by Dr. Schorling this presentation was not recorded. Should you have any questions, you can reach Dr. Schorling at york.schorling@ilf.com

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