Shore Approach: an art or a science?

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) is a global energy and solutions company that is the custodian of Malaysia’s national oil and gas resources.

Active across the globe in energy investment both in hydrocarbon and renewables, their portfolio includes conventional and unconventional resources as well as a diverse range of fuel lubricant and petrochemical products. High end technology is the key to ensuring excellence in all they offer including: energy, products and solutions, as well as unlocking new business frontiers.

Ahmad Khairiri Ghani, Construction Project Manager recently retired from Petronas, and former Corresponding Member Key Representative, presented Shore Approach: an art or a science? This presentation is based on experience acquired during Mr. Ghani’s employment with Petronas.

Shore approach is a risky business. The demarcation between low tide and high tide, the possibilities of undersea tidal currents and sand waves plus the various profile of land along the shore makes work in this area difficult and unpredictable. This presentation will share the author’s vast experience in overcoming the various difficulties encountered during shore pipeline construction. Light will be shed on some of the issues, concerns and lessons learnt of what needs to be considered in order to achieve construction effectiveness and to meet contract requirements.