Tesmec introduces its largest trencher

Tesmec has launched the largest and most powerful trencher the company has ever made, the groundbreaking 1875XL EVO. This revolutionary chainsaw trencher boasts a formidable 950 HP (709 KW) engine, setting new standards in digging performance.

Designed for colossal projects in the harshest conditions, its rigid frame and undercarriage ensure stability and durability. Ideal for large-diameter pipelines in hard and abrasive rock, the 1875XL EVO surpasses industry norms, outperforming traditional methods.

Equipped to adapt to double and triple chain boom configurations, it can achieve depths of up to 732 cm (24’) and widths of 213 cm (84”). The EVO technology, featuring upgraded flywheels, gearboxes and hydraulic components, delivers high chain pull and low chain speed, optimizing performance on challenging terrains. Additionally, Tesmec’s cutting-edge trencher has features like TrenchTronic 4.0, TrenchIntel, Re.m, and Smart Tracker, which ensure maximum excavation efficiency, productivity, and fleet monitoring. With unmatched trenching dimensions for pipeline projects, the Tesmec 1875XL EVO redefines what’s possible in the realm of excavation, promising enhanced productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

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