Vacuworx launches Solar Panel Lifter

Vacuworx expanded its product line by launching the 
Solar Panel Lifter (SPL). The newest addition to the lineup of vacuum lifting systems operates in conjunction with mini excavators, efficiently supplied by a 12V system powered by the excavator’s charging system.

It also features a 300-pound standard lift capacity, soft silicone vacuum pads that prevent damage to solar panel modules, 360 degrees of rotation to facilitate precise handling and alignment, and 5 inches of vertical vacuum pad travel for additional protection.

Vacuworx recognized the need for safe material handling in the solar industry, where continuous, repetitive movement poses a threat to its workers and increases their chance of injury or exhaustion. The SPL is designed to alleviate fatigue and strain by mitigating any need for workers to have to carry solar panels for long periods of time or lift them over their heads. Available globally, the SPL is an ideal companion for contractors involved with in-field solar panel module handling tasks and installation projects, anywhere in the world.

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