American Augers

About American Augers

Driven by the mission of bringing handcrafted auger boring and horizontal directional drilling to a larger-than-life class, American Augers is responsible for some of the world’s most ambitious infrastructure projects.

Since 1970, American Augers has exemplified the national manufacturing standard, with work completed in-house to rigorous quality testing. Almost every part of every machine can be traced from the final product back to the steel mill it originated from. And every piece is handmade from drawings by experienced fabricators and welders to create a more customized rig to meet the customer’s needs.All this translates into an unrivaled quality difference that’s proven by American Augers rigs logging thousands of hours in the field. Because when you’re working with 16-inch-thick steel, you know the rig is bound to be one heavy metal, earth-moving machine.

As part of the Ditch Witch Division, American Augers’ equipment is locally sold, serviced and supported at the nearly 200 Ditch Witch dealership locations worldwide.