American Augers’ Revamped Fluid Cleaning System

Horizontal directional drill (HDD) operators can get jobs done more efficiently using the revamped M300DH fluid cleaning system from American Augers®.

Designed with customer-focused improvements, the M300DH boosts operator comfort, improves ease of use and increases access to work spaces. The M300DH, which assists HDD operators with clean drilling fluid, has been updated with a new pit pump variable frequency drive (VFD). The drive enables operators to adjust the pit pump flow to more accurately match the HDD rig flow and shaker feed. This provides more precise fluid management and reduces the operator’s need to constantly manage the pit pump. The M300DH also features a new genset connection that allows operators to quickly and easily disconnect from the onboard generator set and plug into an offboard generator set, boosting uptime. This new feature can help operators, who have experienced hours or even days of downtime when their generator goes down, and now return to work in minutes.

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