Kebulin-Gesellschaft Kettler GmbH & Co. KG

About Kebulin-Gesellschaft Kettler GmbH & Co. KG

Since the founding of Kebu more than 90 years ago in January 1933, our company has been working successfully as a customer-oriented manufacturer of corrosion protection products for steel pipelines of long lasting and highest quality.

The Kebutyl-System C 50-C "Ruhrgassystem", developed in cooperation with the Ruhrgas company, is the most well-known two-tape system for corrosion protection in pipeline construction worldwide. We accept no limits when it comes to our products and spare neither cost nor effort to achieve an optimum in application and longevity. The innovative strength of our development department is available to our customers as a competent and reliable partner for advice and support in the search for customized solutions.

Kebu provides a large portfolio of different kinds of coatings for the pipeline industry, such as the "classic" Kebu Petro-Tape and Kebu bitumen tapes, Kebu heat shrinkable sleeves, Kebulen butyl rubber/PE-tape systems and Kebudur GRP joint coating for horizontal drilling or thrust boring as well as Kebudur GRP factory coatings.