Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel, 11 to 15 September 2023

The theme for this year’s convention was ‘Together – Delivering Sustainable Energy Infrastructureand presentations at the Open General Meetings focussed on the many and complex aspects of generating, transporting, storing and distributing energy in a manner that responds to the urgent demand for sustainability.

The winners of the following IPLOCA Awards for 2023 were presented at the 1st Open General Meeting on Tuesday:
– Health & Safety Award and the new Quality Award, both sponsored by TC Energy
– Corporate Social Responsibility Award, sponsored by TotalEnergies
– New Technologies Award, sponsored by BP

In addition to the business meetings, networking opportunities, and the many social events, attendees had the opportunity to explore the city of Vancouver during the cultural tour programme and participate in the Maats/Liebherr Golf Tournament at Furry Creek Golf & Country Club.

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