Vlentec is considered as one of the leading companies in manufacturing and supplying of vacuum pipe lifting equipment around the globe.

Vlentec’s focus to be “Leading the way in vacuum lifting equipment” is expressed in is technical expertise and our constant strive to improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of the engineered equipment. Vlentec is currently introducing a wide range of electric power vacuum pipe lifting equipment in all lifting capacity classes. This innovation leads to less maintenance and equipment downtime whilst improving the site safety due to the silent electric motor.

The constant strive to innovate comes from the roots of vacuum pipe lifters when Klaas Boelema (Vlentec's Managing Director) invented the very first self-contained vacuum pipe lifter in 1988.

The self-contained vacuum pipe lifter revolutionized the way pipes are currently handled on pipeline construction projects.

During recent years Vlentec has built up an international network of service and sales partnerships with local stock to serve pipeline contractors immediately.