The 2018 IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell was presented during the Annual Convention held in London in recognition of a significant achievement in reducing the impact on the environment for the construction of pipeline projects.

Sue Sljivic, IPLOCA HSE & CSR Committee Chair, made a presentation on the work of the Committee and on the 2018 IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell, in presence of Loek Vreenegoor, Manager Asset Support Europe, Shell Projects & Technology. To review her presentation, including the list of entries, please click here.  If you are interested in any specific submission, please contact Sébastien Goetschmann.


Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L.

The Environmental Award Adjudication Committee decided to award it to Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L., represented by Najib Khoury, for their Go-Green 100% Portable Power Cabin. This solar powered mobile cabin can be used as part of site establishment activities to power communication and mobile equipment for offices and camps.

The reasons the panel made this award are the following:

  • it demonstrates management commitment with a long term vision
  • it is an innovative initiative in cost savings (fuel reduction)
  • it solves problems that every contractor has and it is easy to adopt
  • it is going beyond the pipeline business
  • it is scalable and could easily be expanded and applied everywhere

Runners up

Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG aA

Represented by Thomas Jung, for the Streicher drilling fluid RECYCLE plant that reduces the volume of solid waste by 20% using a mobile recycling system, hence reducing transport and waste disposal costs.


Represented by Leonardo Gravina, for the use of Biologically Degradable Lubricants, a plot project to convert over 100 items of construction equipment to a biodegradable lubricant, minimising the risk of pollution in the event of a spill.

Other Entries

IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2018 IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell for their commitment to the protection of the environment. We encourage continuing efforts and applications for future Environmental Awards.