Rule #1

I will inspect my vehicle daily before use and promptly report malfunctions.

Rule #2

I will check that my vehicle is equipped for the weather and road conditions.

Rule #3

I will ensure that loads are secure and do not exceed my vehicle’s capacity.

Rule #4

I will only transport hazardous materials in compliance with applicable legislation.

Rule #5

I will not transport unauthorised people.

Rule #6

I will ensure I am fit, rested and fully alert while driving.

Rule #7

I will not drive under influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances.

Rule #8

I and my passengers will always wear seatbelts.

Rule #9

I will always drive within the limitations of my valid driving licence.

Rule #10

I will always drive on approved access roads and routes.

Rule #11

I will abide by all laws, regulations and speed limits while driving.

Rule #12

I will always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Rule #13

I will avoid all distracting activities while I am driving.

Rule #14

I will only reverse park in authorised parking places.

Rule #15

I will immediately report any accident or emergency.