IPLOCA is totally committed to the promotion of health and safety in all areas of its influence and subscribes to the philosophy that all accidents are preventable. Therefore IPLOCA encourages all member organisations to implement the most efficient health and safety measures applicable to their activities.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Objectives

Improving safety in the pipeline industry, and above all, eliminating fatalities is a priority. To reach these objectives, the use of Key Performance Indicator is paramount. The HSE Committee is working hard to encourage ambitious KPI objectives to be reached in 2020:

  • Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), per million hours, of below 1
  • Zero fatalities
  • Minimum 30’000 recorded near misses
  • H&S training rate more that 15’000 hours per million hours worked

Health, Safety, and Environmental Statistics
Since 1999 IPLOCA has been collecting safety statistics from membership, such that aggregate statistics for the industry can be monitored and reported. In 2017, these statistics were combined with the Environmental statistics to create a unique form and report. All Regular Members are required to submit their Health, Safety, & Environmental Statistics to IPLOCA annually.

Health & Safety Award
An annual IPLOCA Health and Safety Award sponsored by TC Energy is presented at the convention each year in recognition of a significant achievement in this field.

Health & Safety Workshops
IPLOCA organises workshops for members to share experiences and initiatives being put in practice to prevent incidents and accidents. Topics of past workshops were:

Improving Corporate Safety Memory (2023)
Sustainable Pipeline Projects (2022)
Fatigue Risk management
Developing Safety to Improve Safety Performance (2020)
Enhancing the Environment and Sustainability in Pipeline Construction  (2019)
Saving Lives in the Pipeline Industry (2018)
Humans and Machines: The Hidden Hazards (2017)
Safety Assessment Efficiency (2016)
The Role of Safety Myths in the Prevention of Incidents (2015)
High Potential Incidents (2014)
Preventing Catastrophic Losses (2013)
Road Traffic Accidents (2012)

Health, Safety and Environment Shared Experiences

This databank aims to build up and share an inventory of best practices, lessons learned and alerts from the industry to improve health, safety, environment and sustainable practices on pipeline construction sites.

Available IPLOCA documentation:
Download IPLOCA’s Health & Safety Policy and Guidelines for Health & Safety System Structure
Download IPLOCA’s Incident investigation process 

Training material
Safety Culture:
The INGAA Foundation, Inc. developed a video to define the desired construction safety culture and the attitudes and behaviors critical to achieving that culture. IPLOCA supports the INGAA Foundation Safety Culture video. To watch it, please click here.

Safety Instructors Tool:
IPLOCA has adapted a course prepared by the Canadian Construction Council and other key stakeholders groups to address health and safety issues specific to pipeline construction in the oil and gas sectors. Unfortunately this DVD is not available any more.

External link:
World Federation’s Safety Guidelines for International Onshore Pipeline Construction