Bergsche Maas Project

Denys is a multidisciplinary building group, specialised in water, energy, mobility, buildings and restoration. Due this unique diversification, Denys is a much sought-after partner for complex building projects and industrial works in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Over the last ten years Denys has evolved into an international group with 1,800 employees. 60% of the activities are realized abroad.

Client Evides supplies drinking water to 2.5 million consumers in The Netherlands, with the river Maas as main source. As demand for drinking water rose, the initial constructed water inlet towards a water basin was no longer sufficient.

During this project, Denys completely replaced the system by a new water inlet consisting of a new pump station and 3 steel water pipelines 84” over a distance of 1.5km through the nature reserve The Biesbosch.

As the Biesbosch is a large European protected Nature 2000 reserve, it became apparent that an innovative preparation and execution of this project was needed. Their teams found technological solutions for each challenge faced, ranging from the remoteness of the area, the logistic difficulties (only accessible over the water) to the uniqueness of the nature reserve with all of its protected animal and plant species.

Winning the IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award is an acknowledgement for the performance of all teams involved, working day and night on this exclusive project with respect for quality, safety, health and most certainly the unique environment.

Patrick Berre, Division Manager Cables & Pipelines shared with members the challenges and solutions found for this unique project.

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