Waste Management Solution

With over 90 years of experience, Spiecapag is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of oil and gas pipelines and associated systems. A specialist in complex projects, Spiecapag has a unique list of references, from flagship projects to initial infrastructure in countries taking their first steps in oil and gas production. For more than a quarter of a century, investors and major operators in the sector have guaranteed over 50% of the Spiecapag annual turnover.

With the help of its parent companies, Spiecapag can not only enjoy stability and financial solidity, but also a feeling of trust which allows it to position itself on the most ambitious projects. Spiecapag believes that there can be no economic development without the respect of the stakeholders. Its certifications illustrate this.

The Environmental Award Adjudication Committee nominated Spiecapag as the winner of this award for its “Waste Management Solution”, because it reduces waste that is difficult to dispose of; the solution can be adopted very widely; it can be used in camp management specifications; and it is a win-win solution.

Frédéric Le Masne de Clermont, TAP/Spiecapag Project Environment Manager stated, “I sincerely thank IPLOCA and the jury for this prize which honours Spiecapag. Our experience of working to reduce waste makes us believe that not only is it possible, it is also good for business. This non-hazardous waste (organic food) previously sent to landfill is now reused, recycled or recovered for reinstatement and bio restoration activities over the 215 km pipeline route in Albania. The composting process helps to protect underground water from becoming polluted compared to the land filling method of waste disposal. Receiving this award is a huge achievement for everyone involved in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project in Albania, and for Spiecapag.”

As winners of the 2020 IPLOCA Environmental Award, sponsored by Shell, Alain Gauthiez, Director QHSE & CSR, Spiecapag presented ‘Waste Management Solution’ on Thursday 17 December 2020.

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Should have any questions, you can contact Alain Gauthiez at alain.gauthiez@spiecapag.com