Bin Quraya Awarded Construction of Jafurah Downstream Pipeline Phase II

Bin Quraya Co. Ltd has been awarded the LSTK contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of the Jafurah Development Programme Phase II in Saudi Arabia, including infrastructure facilities as a part of a programme to increase the gas capacity to 3.2 BSCFD for the in-Kingdom energy growing demands.

Jafurah is the largest unconventional non-associated gas field in the Kingdom, with a volume estimated at 200 trillion cubic feet of rich raw gas, which will also provide a valuable feedstock for the petrochemical industries. The development signed in September 2023 is scheduled to be completed in January 2027. The design supports the expansion of the gas surface facilities to process fractionated products and along 452 km pipeline from 42” to 8”. These include eight pipelines to transfer sales gas and other products comprising feedstocks; C2+NGL and sales gas supply. The major challenges are related to the construction of pipelines for associated and fractionated products from the new grassroot RNGL facility to existing terminals at Jubail and disposition into Arab light crude oil; and, propane and butane to Juaymah NGL and natural gasoline (NG A-180) to Ras Tanura. Ethane will be transferred to Jubail Interface-II and pentane plus colored bodies will be injected into the AL crude oil pipeline: JT-1 Qatif GOSP-1.

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