ILF Input on the SPM Bangladesh Project Milestone

The Single Point Mooring (SPM) with Double Pipeline Project is going to close its third construction season. This project is the first application of an SPM system applied in Bangladesh for unloading and transporting imported crude oils and HSD.

The system is formed by two 36” unloading lines, a 240,000 m3 tank farm, a pump station, and two 18” transfer lines partly onshore (30 km) and partly offshore (62 km) to deliver the commodities to the ERL refinery. To avoid any contamination, the lines are parallel and designated to each fluid. The SPM is designed for mooring and unloading tankers up to 120,000 DWT. Notwithstanding the weather conditions, the environmental constraints for onshore works, and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected activities worldwide, all subsea lines have been installed, the onshore pipelines are almost completed, and the main storage tanks are erected. ILF is involved in the project since the selection of options, the feasibility study, the preparation of the basic design, EPC contract evaluation, and is now responsible for management consultancy, review of the detailed design, and site work supervision. It is important to note that all technologies for the storage, pumping, transport of crude oils and oil products, onshore and offshore, are applied all together in this project.

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