LogIC’s Pipeline Construction Digitalised Quality Management

Throughout pipeline construction, operations must be controlled with evidence to ensure traceability, quality and compliance with requirements. Necessary activities are carried out by field teams and a significant quality team but, thanks to LogIC’s QCM application they can be digitalised.

Set with requirements and all project input data (users, allowed ranges, materials, pipe list, etc.), the application, used by team leaders in the field with a tablet, collects, controls and transmits construction data for each activity configured specifically before. This allows the quality team to receive, in real time, all the construction data already checked. In this way, field and quality team activities are optimised: no more paper, reduced travel to communicate construction data and sources of errors are removed.

The application generates output data needed for the project in real time, such as the weld book and welding statistics, self-checks, reports and progression by activity. All input and output data can be customised at will. With this efficient quality management system, construction follow-up is optimised (cost reduction, real time, geolocalisation, safety and environmental impact) and requirements compliance is improved (data available in real time, data secured, instantaneous communication etc.).

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