SICIM S.p.A. awarded major 48” pipeline project in Italy

The award of the Mercato Saraceno – Cesena 48” gas pipeline section by Snam Rete Gas reaffirms the role of SICIM as a key player in the pipeline industry, not only in the international but also in the domestic market.

The project represents one of the lots of the new 48” gas Pipeline Sestino-Minerbio which is part of the so-called Linea Adriatica. The entire project is approximately 690 km long and represents a core element of the national gas transmission system. It was designed for the transport of 100% hydrogen and it could play an important role for the SoutH2 Corridor (the southern hydrogen transport corridor) that was included in the list of European Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

SICIM has been awarded the construction of Lot 3 of the northernmost section of the Project called Sestino – Minerbio. The 48” pipeline stretches 31 km near the city of Cesena and crosses hills and flat terrains following the course of the Savio river. The presence of highway E45 and waterway crossings, as well as environmentally sensitive areas, will lead to laying a quarter of the pipeline length (i.e., approx. 7 km) by using trenchless technologies such as eight microtunnels, two Direct Pipes, a Tunnel Boring Machine (approx. 2 km & 3,8 m as outer diameter) and 
20 auger borings. In addition, the Savio river will be crossed 11 times by implementing open cut solutions. 
The construction works start in the spring of 2024 and will be fully completed in 40 months, while commissioning will be achieved in 2026. Approximately 250 people will be employed on the construction of the pipeline

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