The C.A.T. Group Strengthens Partnership with Aramco & Builds New Momentum with  Qatar Energy and Chart Industries

Aramco and C.A.T. Group signed a long-term agreement as part of the Unconventional Resources Maintain Potential project (URMP) in March 2022, and another long-term agreement as part of the On-shore Maintain Potential Project (OMPP) in January 2023 where C.A.T. re-affirmed its position as a reliable contractor of Aramco. These two strategic contracts constitute a pillar in the next chapter of a long-lasting partnership.

In Qatar, the C.A.T. Group reactivated its traditional energy activities and earned a contract for the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) of consolidated pipeline/piping replacement works from Qatar Energy. Furthermore, C.A.T. Group continued its pursuit of sustainable energy solutions and signed a memorandum of understanding with Chart Industries to bring full carbon capture solutions to customers in the Middle East and Africa.

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