Xionggu Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine Participates in 3rd West to East Gas Pipeline

The middle section of the 3rd West to East Gas Pipeline has a total length of 2090 km. It starts from Zhongwei, Ningxia Province, passes through 7 provinces in China, and ends at Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province.

The design pressure of the pipeline is 10 MPa, the design annual gas transmission capacity is 25 billion m3, and the pipe diameter is 1219 mm. A total of 10 compressor stations and 2 branch lines are set along the whole line. Xionggu internal welding machine and dual torch pipeline automatic welding machines participate in the construction of the project.

After project completion the annual gas transmission capacity of the West to East Gas Pipeline system can be increased by about 25 billion m3. Compared with coal consumption, the annual carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 70.89 million tons. It is important to promote the adjustment of energy structure and the transformation of development modes, ensure the supply of clean energy along the line, promote energy conservation and emission reduction along the line, and achieve the goal of carbon neutralisation in China.

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