About AVAX S.A.

General Constructors for Civil Engineering Works

Buildings, Transportation & Traffic Works, Hydraulic Installations, Harbours, Roads and Motorways. Erection, Installation, Technical Management and Maintenance of Electromechanical Installations. Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Power Plants from Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources, Oil and Gas Projects, Water and Sewage Works. Construction Works of Low, Medium and High Pressure Natural Gas PE and Steel Pipeline Networks and Operational Works on Life Natural Gas Systems. Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Environmental Management Projects, such as: Sanitary Landfills, Restoration of Quarries and Landfills, Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Management of Water Supply and Sewage Piping System, Landscaping, Collection, Treatment and Management of Municipal Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste. Design, Procurement and Build Contracts, Concession / BOT Schemes and Public - Private Partnership (PPP) Projects.