AVAX S.A. Involvement in Two New HP Projects in Greece

The West Macedonia pipeline will be the first high-pressure gas transmission pipeline in Greece, certified to transport up to 100% hydrogen and one of the first in Europe. It is part of the European Hydrogen Backbone, the infrastructure needed to achieve Europe’s climate and energy objectives.

The project encompases an extension of the National Natural Gas Transmission System to the Central and West Macedonia region with a total pipeline length of approximately 158 km, of which, 94 km comprises the main branch involving a 30’’ diameter pipe and the remaining length covers the sub-branches, including 30 km of 14” diameter pipe and 34 km of 10” diameter pipe. The second project comprises the detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of a metering / regulating station and a line valve station at Amfitriti area, required for the connection of the Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) facilities of Alexandroupolis to the Hellenic National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS). The operation of the Alexandroupolis FSRU through this connection will strengthen the strategic role of Greece as an energy hub for the wider region of Southeastern Europe by offering alternative sources and gas supply routes to the region, enhancing security of energy supply and autonomy.

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