Main contractor AVAX S.A. completes 47%  of major high-pressure pipeline in Greece

The West Macedonia pipeline, planned to be handed over by the first trimester of 2025, will be the first high-pressure transmission gas pipeline in Greece, certified to transport up to 100% hydrogen and one of the first in Europe.

It is part of the European Hydrogen Backbone, the infrastructure needed to achieve Europe’s climate and energy objectives. Pipes comply with ASME B31.12 Option B specification. Once the construction carried out on behalf of DESFA is completed, the pipeline will provide a technically and economically feasible solution for the safe transportation of hydrogen at high pressures through large diameter and high strength steel pipelines. Thus, pipes produced today and installed in the current gas network can cover the energy mix of tomorrow. The natural gas pipeline covers Greece’s northern region of West Macedonia with a total length of 163 km of coated steel pipes (97km of LSAW 30’’ and 66km of ERW 14” and 10”).

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