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IPLOCA Innovation Committee Initiatives 2017

Scot FluhartyChairman of the IPLOCA Innovation Committee, Mears Group, Inc.
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Building and Operating Offshore Infrastructure in Mexico: a New Paradigm

In February 2015, Carlos was appointed CEO of the new Mexican oil company, PetroBal. Previously for 32 years, he held a variety of positions in the state owned oil company, Pemex, including CEO of the Exploration and Production division from 2004 to February 2014.

Carlos Morales-GilCEO, PetroBalVisit website
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Global Upstream Trends and the Impact of Sustainable Energy

Jonathan is a business development and competitor intelligence professional with a 35 year career in government advisory, strategy and analysis. He is founding managing director of Bonmont Energy Sàrl, a Swiss-based consultancy specialised in business development and in-depth research and analysis in the energy industry.

Jonathan GreenManaging Director, Bonmont Energy SàrlVisit website
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United Nations and the Gas Industry: Time for a Strategic Partnership

Torstein took on his current role after retiring from Statoil in 2015. He worked from 1980 with Norsk Hydro, holding various leadership positions in Norway and in Belgium. He also served as Secretary General of the International Gas Union from 2007 to 2014.

Torstein IndrebøVice Chair Bureau, Group of Experts on Gas, United Nations ECEVisit website
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The Benefits of Using PE Pipes in Long Lengths; Project Experiences

Ilija has over 10 years' experience in dealing with plastic pipes on land and marine projects, ranging from multi-billion dollar power plants, sewer outfalls, desalination and waste water treatment plants. He has collaborated closely with recognised experts in the field of plastic pipes for marine applications.

Ilija RadeljicTechnical Manager - LLLD Export, Pipelife Norge ASVisit website
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IPLOCA Scholarship Committee Initiatives 2017

Steve SumnerChairman of the IPLOCA Scholarship Committee , Lincoln Electric
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IPLOCA HSE Committee Initiatives 2017

Bruno MaertenChairman of the IPLOCA HSE Committee
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Mexico City Reshapes its Future – An Historic View with a Focus on Water Management

Roberto was born and raised in Mexico City and is a teacher of the certification course at the National School of History and Anthropology (ENAH). Roberto conducts tours and lectures on Mexican culture, architecture, and archaeology, guiding business travellers, journalists and groups from travel agents from all over the world.

Roberto EscartinHistorian, ENAH
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Perspectives for Pemex in the New Mexican Investment Markets

José Ignacio was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Pemex in February 2016. He previously served as Director General of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, and at the Ministry of Finance in Mexico he was Undersecretary of Revenue from 2006 to 2012.

José Ignacio Aguilar Alvarez GreavesCEO, Petroléos Mexicanos (Pemex)Visit website
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Safety Excellence Leads to Business Performance

Nicolas has 26 years' experience with DuPont de Nemours in Western Europe & North Africa. He is a qualified DuPont HSE, process safety & cultural change lead consultant.

Juvenal Macias LupercioDirector and Principal Consultant for Oil & Gas market, DuPont Sustainable SolutionsVisit website
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TransCanada Pipelines Projects with a Focus on the Unique Execution Challenges in Mexico

David is a Canadian pipeliner with more than 20 years' experience in the execution of onshore and offshore pipeline projects, including working in challenging environments such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Nigeria and Mexico.

David PfeifferVice President, Mexico Projects, TransCanada PipelinesVisit website
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Removing Large Offshore Platforms in a Single Lift: “Pioneering Spirit”

Edward started his career in the R&D department of his father's company Heerema Engineering Service. He founded Allseas in 1985. In his role as President, he is responsible for the daily management of the Group, strategic and policy planning, maintaining senior client relations and technological development.

Edward HeeremaPresident, Allseas Group S.A.Visit website
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